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NameCityStateJob Start Date
JessicaCameronNorth Carolina8/14/2015
AngelaWinter ParkFlorida4/27/2015
FrankEastchesterNew York4/1/2015
NancyWilliston ParkNew York4/1/2015
CindyLake OrionMichigan3/28/2015
BradyGlen AllenVirginia5/4/2015

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With schools closed for the summer, one of the busiest times of year for nannies, nanny placement agencies and online nanny recruiting sites begins.

For working parents of school aged children, the summer months can pose a complex childcare challenge. So much so that savvy parents begin researching their childcare options after the first of the year, with requests for summer nannies peaking in March, April and May.

For college students, especially those pursuing early childhood education or the like, working as a summer nanny provides a way to gain childcare experience while earning a salary that exceeds most other seasonal positions.

While some parents opt to enroll their children in summer camps or daycares, others prefer their children to enjoy the summer months at their leisure, spending time in the backyard, getting together with friends and brushing up their academic skills. For these parents, hiring a summer nanny is their best childcare option.

Whether you are looking to become a summer nanny or hire one to care for your children, is your seasonal in-home childcare resource and referral destination.

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