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10 iPhone Apps that Keep You From Getting Lost

Few things are as nerve-wracking as knowing that you’re completely lost in an unfamiliar city or neighborhood. Not knowing how to find your chosen destination or not being completely sure of where you are in relation to something you know can be a very upsetting, anxiety-filled situation. Where once you would have been forced to pull over in an unknown area and ask for directions, however, you can now take advantage of the technology you have in your pocket to find your way home.

  1. Scout Personalized GPS Voice Navigation & Traffic – With voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions and GPS navigation, this free app comes with enough heavy-hitting features to give pricey paid apps a run for their money. A Best of CES finalist, a CTIA Emerging Technology Award Winner, the recipient of IAVA Communicator Award of Excellence in Maps and Navigation and chosen as the Telematics Update Best Navigation Product all in 2012, Scout is a budget-conscious choice that gets you where you need to go.
  2. Take Me To My Car – Even if you know where you are, finding your car can be a challenge from time to time. Rather than wandering around aimlessly in hopes of remembering where you parked your vehicle, use this free app that will keep up with all of your parking needs and eliminate the chances of being lost a few blocks from your own car.
  3. TomTom U.S.A. – At $35.99, the TomTom U.S.A app is cheaper than purchasing a dedicated GPS device while still granting you access to a full range of features. You can even access your maps offline, ensuring that you can find your way, even when you have no service.
  4. Garmin U.S.A. – This $49.99 app is one of the pricier navigation offerings in the App Store, but it features photo-real junction views, speed and red light camera alerts and three-dimensional buildings to ensure that you’re always as well-informed about your surroundings as possible in an unfamiliar area.
  5. Magellan RoadMate USA – With three new voice options for voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation and integrated Yelp!® services, you can not only find your destination easily, but also access ratings and reviews en route.
  6. Waze – This free app is a unique community-based navigation tool that helps you save time and fuel by reducing the chances of waste through wandering as a result of being lost. You can even access real-time traffic information to help you plot the most efficient route to your chosen destination.
  7. GPS by TeleNav – This free app from Telenav, Inc. comes with high ratings and great reviews and is an award-winning offering in the Navigation section of the App Store. Find not only your intended destination, but also the cheapest fuel along the way, as well as daily traffic maps to make the journey as smooth as possible.
  8. MotionX GPS – With five-star reviews from, Backpacker Magazine, Mac Observer, Navigadget and the Washington Post, this $0.99 app is designed to keep you aware of your surroundings while you’re enjoying the great outdoors. A must-have for outdoor sports enthusiasts, you’ll never get lost in the woods again with this handy little app.
  9. CoPilot Live Premium HD USA – Offline GPS Navigation & Maps – No data connection is needed to navigate with this $14.99 app, which makes it ideal for use in more remote areas with limited service. The price of the initial download includes quarterly and monthly map updates, so you’ll never have to worry about the accuracy of your maps.
  10. NAVIGON North America – NAVIGON North America is, at $59.99, packed with features that you can’t find anywhere else. With lane and speed assistance, extended pedestrian navigation, Google local search and SOS emergency help features, there’s little this app can’t help you do as you travel.

Being lost, especially in a neighborhood you’re unfamiliar with, is an understandably upsetting experience. Even though your first instinct may be to keep moving while you take advantage of these apps to find your way back to more familiar territory, it’s important to keep in mind just how unsafe it is to use your phone while you’re driving. Distracted driving is not only illegal in some areas, it can also present a very real hazard that can lead to accidents and injuries. Make sure that you pull over in a safe area before tapping in to the navigational power of your iPhone device.


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