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21 Blogs Featuring Bite-Sized Foods to Make for Your Summer Parties

partyfoodDuring the lazy days of summer the last thing most people want to do is hole up in the kitchen for hours to create a meal. Most people tend to gravitate toward lighter, smaller portions during the summer, especially as compared to the heavy comfort food fare that makes an appearance during the colder months. Bite-sized foods are the perfect solution when you’re planning a summer party. Being able to nibble and graze throughout the night allows guests to sample everything without leaving overly stuffed, and having a lot of different small plates means you can have a variety of foods available that will please any palate. Whether it’s an appetizer, salad or dessert, these 21 blog posts will show you how to make it in a bite-sized form.


Appetizers typically come bite-size already, and the recipes featured in these seven blog entries showcase several unique options. Make a few different types of these interesting options for a spread your guests are sure to rave over.


Whether you’re a vegetarian, watching what you eat or just in the mood for something light, these bite-sized salad recipes are perfect for a summer get together. Take a look at these seven blog articles to learn how to make bite-sized salads for a party.


It’s not unusual for people to pass on dessert at a party because the portions are simply too big. By creating mini desserts, however, your guests can indulge guilt-free. To gather ideas for your next mini dessert bar look at these seven blog entries.      


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