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21 Blogs with Creative Spring Activities to do with Your Preschooler

kiteSpring activities can include anything from going outside for a hike to drawing a picture of a rainbow to fixing fun treats with your child.  Anything fun that keeps your preschooler active and engaged in learning is a good pick when planning different activities for your child.  There are several different holidays that lend themselves to crafts in the spring, such as St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and even May Day.  As the weather starts to warm up, the kids can get outside and play with kites, chalk or bubbles. During spring break you may have the kids at home with you, so take this opportunity to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner with them.  Take a look at these 21 blog entries to get some ideas for activities that you can do with your preschooler.


Crafts are a great way to pass the time, so capture the warm spring sun with a sun catcher or make a wreath for the door to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this spring. Kids have such creative minds, and they’ll love the feeling of finger paint and Playdough in their fingers.  Find some spring craft ideas that you can do with your preschooler on these seven blog posts.

Outside Fun

Now that the weather is warming up a little your kids can get outside and get some fresh air.  Take advantage of those spring winds by making and flying your own kite.  Teach your kids about butterflies by raising some from caterpillars, then release them once they’re grown. These and other outside activities are noted in the next seven blog articles.


Cooking with your preschooler can be done any time of year, but if you have the kids home for spring break you’ll have some extra time to play in the kitchen together. Make a special Dr. Seuss inspired breakfast or some cookies.  How about warming up with some marshmallows and hot chocolate after a day of playing outside?  Check out these seven blogs for more ideas on playing with food with your preschooler.


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