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21 Blogs with Tasty Variations on the Traditional S’Mores Recipes

smoresS’mores are the original campfire treat, and one you can thank the Girl Scouts for inventing. This dessert is traditionally made up of half of a chocolate bar and a toasted marshmallow pressed between two graham cracker squares, giving you a gooey, delicious treat.  Since its invention, people have been playing with the basic flavors and coming up with creative variations on the original. To try some of these tasty treats, check out these 21 blog entries.

Dessert Dishes

The s’more used to be a treat reserved for sitting around a campfire, but now people are finding ways to get their favorite camping treat at home. By taking the basic ingredients and using them as the basis of a dessert, you’re sure to create a tasty treat. These bloggers have done just that and have shared their recipes on these seven blog articles.

At the Campfire

While tradition dictates using a chocolate bar in your s’more, modern s’more makers have tried everything in the book for different s’more variations. From Nutella to white chocolate to peanut butter, the list of ingredients you can add to or substitute on your s’mores are endless! For fun s’mores recipes you can whip up around the campfire, read these seven blog entries.


The toasty flavors of a s’more isn’t solely reserved for edible treats; mixologists have created cocktails like the s’mores martini and the s’mores milkshake to capture the flavors of this campfire favorite.  For these and other recipes, check out the next seven blog posts. 


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